Book Announcement: Between the Teeth of Charon

Last week Kendall Reviews announced Between the Teeth of Charon, my first solo release! It will be published by Demain Publishing with a cover designed by Adrian Baldwin. I talk a little bit more about the story over at Kendall Reviews, but you can see the synopsis and cover below…

Between the Teeth of Charon

After Jack’s wife passes away he is asked by their friend, Ellen, to fulfil a promise his wife made a long time ago. Reluctantly, Jack agrees and, along with Ellen and her granddaughter Dani, the three return to Hethpool Grange – a forgotten hospital in Northumberland – to confront a dark and brutal past. A past Jack has tried for almost sixty years to forget. But there is something waiting for them in Hethpool Grange.

Something which has not forgotten, or forgiven, their sins.

And it is hungry.

The ebook is also up on Amazon for pre-order now!

I’ll be writing a little more about Between the Teeth of Charon in the next few weeks, both here and in my newsletter, so stay tuned.

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