Stories I Loved…

I spent most of 2019 reading short stories and thought it would be a good idea to list some of my favourites as we head into a new decade. However, before looking at my offerings I wanted to point you in the direction of two writers I often turn to for a wealth of story recommendations.

First up, I need to point to James Everington’s blog, which offers an annual list of short stories he enjoyed in the previous year. Here are his lists for 2018 and 2019. Make sure to take a look – they put mine to shame.

Secondly is Maria Haskins. Maria offers monthly reviews of stories she enjoyed in her Short Fiction Roundup and it is well worth your time.

Now, here is my list. Note: not all of the stories listed below were published in 2019 – but this was the year I read them.

If nothing else this list proves I’m woefully far behind in my reading, but I hope you still find something amongst these to enjoy…

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