Music to Write To… Part Two

A couple of months back I put together a blog recommending some soundtracks I listen to when writing, and highlighted some some of my favourite tracks from those albums. A self indulgent exercise, I know.

Here are some more suggestions below, and not solely confined to soundtracks this time. I hope you find something you like.

I’ve also added them all to a playlist on Spotify, which you can find here.

Mica Levi – Death

Taken from the Under The Skin soundtrack. It isn’t an easy listen, but the track is perfect for the film. Weird and unsettling.

Akira Yamaoka – Theme of Laura (Reprise)

From Silent Hill 2. I’ve always loved this game and this piece in particular. Sometimes the horror is too much and to attempt escape is pointless.

Elskavon – Small Hands

This artist is a recent discovery. Taken from the album Release.

Seifert & Steinbuechel – Maunsel Sea Forts, England

The first entry on the list which isn’t entirely music, but more of an ambient soundcape. Taken from an album called Abandoned Places – all of which is quietly atmospheric.

Giles Lamb – Dead Island Theme

When I saw the trailer for Dead Island and heard the haunting music it instantly became a favourite. And if you haven’t watched the trailer it is well worth your time as a three minute horror film. Since then his music has become a go-to when I’m writing. Give one of his albums a go.

Desiderii Marginis – Come Ruin and Rapture

Dark ambient music. They have a number of albums to try. This track always conjures images of Silent Hill, perhaps helped by the drone of a distant siren.

Atrium Carceri – A Curved Blade

More dark ambience, this is taken from the album Void. Disconcerting tracks to help bring the dark.

Cities Last Broadcast – The Cancelled Earth

I’ve included the whole album for this one. Apparently created from a decades worth of recordings from urban environments and shaped into a nightmare soundscape.

There are many more I could recommend, but these are the ones I return to in order to help me find my feet. Let me know how you find these pieces and suggest your own.

Music To Write To…

A little over six weeks ago Arterial Bloom was released into the world. Reviews for the book have been kind so far and I am proud of the story I have in the anthology.

However, long before Dog (Does Not) Eat Dog found a home, when the story wasn’t much more than an idea, I opened a note on my phone and started tinkering with the opening line. I was listening to music, to drown out the noise of the office I worked in at the time, and as I wrote one piece stood out.

The piece was Abandon Window by Jon Hopkins. It became something I listened to every time I sat down to work on the story. It was a way in, a way back to the beach. There was something in it that resonated with the story I was trying to write. The music starts as a melancholic piano piece but becomes something more as an ambient soundscape swells beneath the notes. I thought it might be the Everstorm, raging above the ocean. Give it a listen below.

Now whenever I sit down to try and write, I need music. Something to help me lose myself in the world of words. Below I’ve shared some of the go-to pieces from my favourite film and TV scores.

Apokalypse – Dark

Ben Frost composed the Dark score and it is perfect for the bleak, time travel story at the heart of this Netflix series. This is a favourite piece of mine, full of quiet, building menace.

Campfire – Monsters

The Monsters score by Jon Hopkins is quiet, contemplative and full of atmosphere. The film might not be for everyone, but the music is great.

Waves Crashing on Distant Shores of Time – San Junipero

San Junipero is my favourite, and objectively the best, episode of Black Mirror. I love it. The episode has an amazing soundtrack, but it also has a brilliant, dreamlike score from Clint Mansell.

Welcome to Lunar Industries – Moon

Another score by Clint Mansell. Moon is an amazing film which doesn’t seem to get enough love. The building tension in this piece is useful for those moments in your writing when things are heading towards their final, inevitable conclusion.

She Remembers – The Leftovers

I haven’t seen the TV show but I’ve heard good things. I did however stumble upon the score on a Max Richter playlist and found this melancholic gem.

On The Nature Of Daylight – Into The Forest

This has appeared in a few places, but I first heard it in Into The Forest. I loved Max Richter’s soundtrack and I think this piece in particular is beautiful. A bonus – the music video features the brilliant Elizabeth Moss.

Motion Picture Soundtrack – Westworld

The Vitamin String Quartet are responsible for this instrumental version of the Radiohead song and it is a lovely, truly affecting piece.

That’s it.

Let me know what you have on your writing playlist.

And, if you’ve made it this far, I hope you’ve found something to add to your own playlist. If not, then I hope you’ve at least enjoyed some of them, and I haven’t left you feeling too down on this dreary, Sunday afternoon.